Scavenger Hunts For Children

Have you ever wanted to make a fun, unique and educational game for your child but never had time to pull it together? Do you want them to go on fun adventures and create wonderful memories? Cajo Games can help! Our innovative scavenger hunts are unlike any other. We challenge the children, encourage teamwork, test their math and problem solving, and help them have fun while doing it. The scavenger hunt is designed to help enhance creativity and life skills for all participants as a team. It’s the activity, they’ll be talking about for months!

Cajo Games Scavenger Hunts

Our scavenger hunts are categorized by age group and packaged in ready-to-go kits that come complete with just about everything you’ll need to host this creative adventure. You’ll be a superstar in the eyes of not only your child, but everyone participating in your event! We’ll do all of the hard work and all you have to do is enjoy the fun.
Our scavenger hunts are perfect for birthday parties, family outings with childrenScavengerHuntForKids or even just a small friends playgroup! All you will have to do is make a map of where you wish to host the hunt (indoor or outdoor both work great) and set it up. The Cajo Games scavenger hunt kit takes care of the rest.

Scavenger hunt description

The scavenger hunts will provide clues that, together, add up to the description of a character. The character the participants find at the end of the game is in the form of a piñata (included in the kit). There are 7 different stations in each scavenger hunt with fun tasks, varying from math problems, reading and comprehension and following instructions, to creative problem solving. Once a task is complete, a clue is provided. All of the clues together gives a description of a piñata that is placed at the end of the scavenger hunt. Each kit is designed for up to 8 participants and includes a souvenir for each participant. If you have a group of 12 it is possible to upgrade to allow for an additional team of up to 4 people. We can even help you with larger playgroups if you contact us with the details.
We offer three different kits that are suitable for different age groups. The tasks in each kit are appropriate for the age level and relevant to the child’s development. You can purchase any package you wish, and older children may certainly enjoy the hunts designed for the younger children. However, the younger children may have some difficulty completing the tasks designed for older children on their own.

You pick the scavenger hunt, we send the kit!

Once you decide which hunt you’d like to order, we’ll send you a kit complete with everything you’ll need, including a detailed set of instructions and a Game Master’s Manual to help you every step of the way. The kits are designed to get the children thinking, and moving, but are suitable both indoors and outdoors (so maybe cross your fingers for nice weather!).

Order your Cajo Games Scavenger Hunt now.

Spoiler Alert!
The participants should not know that the scavenger hunt will end up with a piñata since it will ruin the surprise. If you have questions or would like to know more, please contact us and we’d be happy to fill you in on more details about the kits.
*Please note: The kits do NOT include goodies to fill the piñata with, rope to hang the piñata with or a bat to hit it with.

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  • Shannon Hill

    We did a scavenger hunt on our vacation this summer, we bid on at the school auction and took it on our boat trip. We anchored up on an island with friends, did a map and had so much fun, running around doing the clues. Thank you Cajo Games.

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