Why Are Ready Made Scavenger Hunts a Great Party Idea?

If you are looking for a new innovative party idea for a kids party a Cajo Games scavenger hunt is a great solution. First of all, it’s super easy, and as busy parents, we all know how important that is. You order the CAJO games scavenger hunt online, get it shipped to your door and it’s as simple as that! Provided in the kit, you’ll have just about all you need for a fun, educational scavenger hunt. It takes a lot of time, effort and imagination to pull a scavenger hunt together so why not just let us do it for you?

Unique, Fun and Educational Game

CAJO Games scavenger hunts are unlike any other, and are nothing like the simple print-outs you can buy online. Our kit is complete with amazingBirthday Party Ideas props and hands-on tools that the kids will love. The scavenger hunts include a variety of tasks and puzzles for the children to solve before they can move on to the next. Once they solve a task, they receive a clue and tools that will be useful later in the hunt. Once all or the clues are collected, the children will see that they actually have been given a description of a character, and this character will appear at the end of the scavenger hunt in the form of a piñata (included in the kit).


While using your body and mind, CAJO games scavenger hunts will help children improve their map reading skills, teach them to work in teams and learn from others. A bonus for you is that these hunts allow you to see what role your child takes in a team setting. You can see how they interact in the group, what their strengths are, and how children of all ages work together. The hunts increase their curiosity and allow them to feel like a winner once they have discovered all the clues and found the character there are looking for at the end. Everyone is a winner in this game. So just go to our product page and find the age appropriate scavenger hunt kit for your party. cajogames

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