Scavenger Hunt for 10 years old and up (8 participants $14.88 per person)

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Our “San Diego” kit is suitable for ages 10 years and older.
There are seven different stations in each scavenger hunt with fun tasks, varying from math problems, reading and comprehension and following instructions, to creative problem solving. Each task will, once solved, provide a clue that describes a character in form the piñata.
This kit contains; 1 cardboard box, 2 team books, 8 nametags, 2 pencils, 8 bracelets, 5 sheets with clues, 7 paper bags, 5 sheets of tissue paper, 7 stickers, 2 clues on a paper strip, 2 flashlights, 1 clear cup, 8 straws, 2 plastic cups, 5 balls, 3 flash cards, 1 pinata, 1 bandana and a Game Master’s manual.

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Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 10 x 10 in


5 reviews for Scavenger Hunt for 10 years old and up (8 participants $14.88 per person)

  1. Doris Blake
    5 out of 5


    Such a fun scavenger hunt where the kids got super excited about solving the tasks to get the clues. It was fun to see them all work together to get the answers and the surprised faces when they reached the piñata in the end. Easy and fun for the mom too.

  2. Keith Wells
    4 out of 5


    We misunderstood the product, so we thought there would be a person coming out to set up the scavenger hunt. It turned out it was easy since the manual explained everything and had pictures of how to set it up. The kids had a blast and my daughter wants to do it again for our Easter party.

  3. Marta Riley
    5 out of 5


    I did not know what to expect, since my daughter saw this at school and wanted to do it for her birthday. I’m a working mom and don’t have time to do a scavenger hunt but this was ready in the box. I loved it and the kids too.

  4. Jen Gomez
    5 out of 5


    It was a really nice party for my daughter who turned 12. It is hard to get her moving, but this was super exciting and mysterious for her and her friends. It was a big hit.

  5. Emmy Thorpe
    5 out of 5


    I was looking for something different and unique to do for my daughter’s birthday party this year, and I found it in CAJO games. I was just doing a random internet search and came across the website. I saw a few good reviews and thought I would give it a try. Im not a huge planner, so besides the fact that I was running out of time, the fact that everything was sent to me in a great package was even better! I had to get a few extra supplies, set the scavenger hunt up myself and then purchase the candy for the pinata, but that was it. I had a friend help me and we had a great time watching the party unfold. It was like the scavenger hunts I used to do as a kid, but it was way more involved, the parents LOVED that their kids were doing something productive at a birthday party, and the kids couldn’t stop talking about it when it was all finished. I would reccommend it to anyone looking for something different, challenging and still FUN for a party.

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