Scavenger Hunt for 10 years old and up (12 participants $12.42 per person)

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Our “San Diego” kit is suitable for ages 10 years and older.
There are seven different stations in each scavenger hunt with fun tasks, varying from math problems, reading and comprehension and following instructions, to creative problem solving. Each task will, once solved, provide a clue that describes a character in form the piñata.
This kit contains; 1 cardboard box, 3 team books, 12 nametags, 3 pencils, 12 bracelets, 5 sheets with clues, 8 paper bags, 5 sheets of tissue paper, 8 stickers, 3 clues on a paper strip, 3 flashlights, 1 clear cup, 12 straws, 2 plastic cups, 5 balls, 3 flash cards, 1 pinata, 1 bandana and a Game Master’s manual.

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Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 12 in


4 reviews for Scavenger Hunt for 10 years old and up (12 participants $12.42 per person)

  1. Jackie Murphy
    5 out of 5


    We were lucky enough to be a part of one of CAJO Games scavenger hunts last summer. Our kids were the envy of the park! Everyone had to know what we were doing and wanted to join the fun- so cool! Make it your next party!!!

  2. Susan Watson
    5 out of 5


    It worked really well and had a nice variation of stations and fun tasks for them to do. It was fun to see they learned from each other and much fun they had solving the clues. The best part was the piñata in the end. That was the icing on the cake.

  3. Ann McCathy
    5 out of 5


    My daughter wanted something “different” to do with her friends this summer. She’s 10 years old and going back and forth between wanting to be independent and still wanting me to organize play dates. I heard of Cajo Games through a friend and thought it was the perfect idea for a fun activity my daughter could host for her friends. I mostly did the “hosting” part, but she invited all of her friends, helped be a leader and was able to see how being independent is great, but working in a team can be very beneficial as well (especially when it’s a game and there is a surprise at the end!). The groups were so excited to participate and everyone was included. I was worried that some of the kids who were not as quick on their feet with problem solving would be left out, but there was literally something for everyone. Some kids were great with the simple math problems while others excelled at the word puzzles. It was just what my daughter needed to liven up her playdates.

  4. Laila Hanson
    5 out of 5


    I can’t say enough AMAZING things about this game. I ordered the San Diego kit for my son’s 12th birthday party this summer, and it was fabulous. The kids were actually doing a bit of learning this summer! They worked together, got to swing a bat (safely, of course) at an awesome pinata and were rewarded with solving the puzzles, and of course all the treats that fell out of the pinata. The one comment I have is to make sure you have a partner there to help you with everything. It all comes ready to go for the most part, but when you have 8 kids running around, asking questions, etc. it’s just nice to have a spare set of hands!

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