Party Game Ideas for Boys and Girls.

If you are having a party, it’s always a good idea to have some activities ready for the kids. They may be able to use their creativity and create their own game or activity, as many kids do, but it’s good insurance for you to have some ideas on hand just in case you need them.  Here are a few that have worked well for me:

Music Safe Station

You will need:

Sheets of paper (one less paper than the total number of kids)


Make a big circle on the floor with the sheets of paper and crank up the music. PartyGamesOnce the music is playing everyone is in the middle of the circle (dancing, walking around, etc). When you stop the music, everyone has to find a safe station and stand on the nearest piece of paper. Since there is one less sheet of paper than there are children, the one who does not get to a sheet of paper quick enough is out of the game. Remove another sheet and keep playing the music until you end up with one winner.

Another variation of this game is to play a song with a lot of repetition (most kids songs). Pick a word in the song that is repeated many times and instruct the children to sit once the word is said. So” itsy bitsy spider” could be whenever the word “spider” is said you have to sit and whoever sits last is out.


Going Blind

You will need:

A bandana

Chairs (one less chair than the total number of kids)

This is one of my favorites because it is fun for everyone and it enhances your visual and touch skills. Everyone is lined up on chairs in a circle and one person is blindfolded in the middle. The parent spins the child in the middle around. When you think they’ve had enough spins, instruct the child to walk over to a chair and feel who is there. The person in the chair cannot say anything. There will be a lot of giggling but that is okay. When the blindfolded child guesses the right person you swap places.


Guessing Games

You will need:

Dark plastic bags

A variety of different items to put in the bags (things with different shapes, textures and consistencies)

Place your items in the separate bags. Provide pieces of paper for the participants to write what they think is in each bag. They should put their name on the paper. Just have them stick their hand in the bag (if you want, you can give them a 10 second time limit for each bag to make it a little more challenging)  and write their guess on their piece of paper. After everyone is done, have each child go say what they thought was in each bag and compare answers. Whoever has the most right answers wins. If you dare, you can make different small bags and put Jello or potato flour or ice cubes in some of them because it feels weird.

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