Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

We just got back from a wonderful boat trip with the family. We always meet up with a bunch of families and have a blast. I love to be outside all day and enjoy playing and watching the kids. We always do fun activities that gets the kids moving and thinking. This year we did an easy scavenger hunt, where we gave the kids a list of things to find. We divided them into teams and sent them on their way. They were to find the items and take a photo of each one with a phone. Then bring it back, and we would judge which team won by the photo’s. Some examples of the tasks on our list are:

Scavengerhunt winning picture of the cutest dog

Funniest boat name

Cutest dog

A person from Canada

The biggest clock

Smallest car

A dandelion

This scavenger hunt got them running around the marina area for a good half hour. Our small group was the most creative one. While the other teams was running around trying to find a small car, they went back to the boat and got a picture of a hot wheel. I like that one. Since all teams got the same amount of points, we had to come up with a final task for them to do. There was a small consignment store, where we were, so we send them up to buy three different items at the store for the least amount of money. Some came with a candy stick, a postcard and pack of matches but the winning team, took a small piece of broccoli and weighed that. I love to get the small minds working. If you are having trouble being creative, but want to have a scavenger hunt order one here. They get the kids thinking while having fun and are easy to setup anywhere.


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  • Susan

    I like this idea. Can you do it in a park too? How can that work when it is for my six year old son and his friends.

    • Tina Sørensen

      Yes Susan, you can certainly do that. Depending on what is in the park, you could do a soccer goal, a slide, some weeds and trees they would know.

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