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Can a 5 year old participate?

Yes, the age groups are based on the math and comprehension level of some of the clues, but if there is an adult or older kids available for help, then it will not be an issue.

We are having a Christmas party with the family and there will be kids of all ages from 5 to 12-years-old. Which kit would be the best choice?

New Orleans or Seattle will be the best choice if you make sure that the age range on each team is even, so that the youngest player on each team has an older player to look to for support.

Are Cajo Games for both for girls and boys?

Yes, the sets are gender neutral so everyone will have fun.

Do I need to have a big house or yard?

No, you can do it anywhere! If you are tight on space, you can have two activities in the same room, but maybe in different corners. You will need an open space to hang a piñata, so if you have a garage, or a carport, or if you know if a local park nearby, that would be best. If the weather is nice, another option would be to take the whole game to a local park and set it up there. Always supervise children in public spaces, and try to keep the game away from roads and cars.

How many kids can participate?

It depends on the package you buy. We have two different packages to choose from which allow 8 or up to 12 participants. If you wish to have a bigger party you may contact us and we can accommodate that as well.

Is there any candy included for the piñata?

The candy or party treats you wish to fill the piñata with is up to you and you will need to buy that separately.

Will it work with a pirate party or a princess party?

Yes the Cajo games scavenger hunts are not themed, and are gender neutral, so they will work with whichever theme you choose for your party.

Are there different themes?

There are different piñatas at the end of each game, but they are not “themed” and can easily be applied to any type of party you are hosting.

Are there a lot of math problems?

The tasks vary from problem solving, comprehension and math and each task is a mix of them. They are age appropriate and the kids will work in teams, so each child will use their own individual strengths and learn from and work with their peers.

How many stations are there in the hunt?

There are 7 stations in each scavenger hunt that need to be completed.

What kind of activities are included?

The activities vary from crossing imaginary oceans to math, reading and comprehension problems. Each kit has a different set of activities included.

How long will the Scavenger hunt take?

The activities take about 30 minutes to complete and then you have to add the time it takes to walk the distance of your map.

Do I need to buy the accessories for the hunt?

No they are all included in the package together with a detailed manual. All you need to do is create a map of where you wish to host the hunt, get treats for the piñata, a rope to hang it with and a bat to hit it with.

Does it come with a shopping list of what to buy?

The sets are almost complete aside from 4 things. A rope to hang the piñata, a bat to hit it with, treats to fill it with and a map of where you wish to host the hunt.

My son wants to have his class of 22 for his birthday. Can you accommodate that?

Yes, we can tailor your party if you wish to have more than 12 participants. Just contact us at info@cajogames.com and let us know how many participants you will have..

Can I return the kit?

If there is a defect in the product you will get your money back, but otherwise all sales are final. Read more in our policies.

Is it possible to have 9 kids participate if I buy a kit that is meant for 8 participants?

Each kit includes a handmade bracelet that the kids get to take home so you will not have enough for everyone. The scavenger hunt is designed so that every individual gets to participate in all the tasks so we would recommend you upgrade to a Plus Package.