Educational Games That Helps Your Kids Get Ready for School


As a follow up on the last blog post on math skills and science inquiry, here are some additional educational games to help with reading strategies and writing practice. These are helpful for the children to revisit before school starts so they are more confident in the classroom.
Please feel free to adapt to age, ability, and even interest accordingly.
You as the parent or caregiver know your child best.

Educational Games for Reading Strategies

Educational games focused on reading strategies help kids summarize the story to show how well they understand. Have your child (ages 4-12) retell the story in their own words using less than 5 sentences helps develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills.
Use the 5 W’s or ‘story elements’ to demonstrate reading comprehension:
• Who are the characters?EducationalGamesForChildren
• What is the problem they are trying to solve?
• When & Where does the story take place?
• Why do they make the choices they do?
• How is the problem finally solved?
Making sure to include these have a retelling or summary using various mediums: sock puppet or stuffed animal puppet show, istop motion video, Lego creations, sidewalk chalk comic strip, a commercial for ‘the movie,’ rewritten song lyrics, dance routine, or write a post card reviewing the story to an out of town family member.

Educational games focused on writing practice

These allow kids to communicate and show what they have learned. By using familiar stories as a model, children of all ages can practice writing various forms with their own ideas.

Have your child (ages 4-10 ) explain what they have learned or tell directions how –to do a simple task.
Use key words to sequence the steps: first…, then… next… finally.

Encourage creative writing using your child’s favorite stories (even from movies if necessary), have your child tell a sequel (like Toy story 2 & 3)or prequel ( like Monsters University), or even a short (like Mater’s Tall Tales).

Older students (8-12) create new titles using fairy tales or nursery rhymes as a base story line.

• Cinderella 2: Taking the Shoe Market by Storm with Her Delicate Slipper Designs This Season
• Cinderella 3: Stepsisters Fail Miserably at Their Fashion Model Careers
• The Itsy Bitsy Spider Before she FIRST Climbed up the Water Spout: Her Life as a Wee Baby Arachnid
• The Three Little Pigs Take a Vacation to Hawaii: Will the Wolf Huff and Puff his Way to the Volcanoes of the Big Island?


I hope you found this helpful and would like to share you experience with us below.

Happy First Day Of School
Sarah S. Hill, M.Ed. & M.O.M.

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    Thank you for a great blog. I followed these instructions with my daughter and we had fun.

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