Decorate with cars for your childs room!

If your child is obsessed with cars, I have the perfect idea for his/her room! This is an art project that is easy for EVERYONE. The project is making a road on your child’s bedroom wall, and then attaching small cars to the wall like they are “driving on the road.” You can, as everything else, make it complex, but trust me, with a little tape you will rock this little DIY project with or without experience in painting. You can include the kids in it too as soon as you have covered the floor and taped around the surface that needs to be painted.

To decorate with cars for your childs room all you need is:

– Painter’s tape
– Gray paint (I bet you have some leftovers)
– White paint (yellow works too if you have leftover of that)
– 6 nails (or however many small cars you would like to put on the wall)
– String
– 6 cars in different colors (maybe each family member picks their favorite car—Matchbox and Hot – Wheels cars work perfect for this project)

Painting the road

Pick a spot on the wall in the bedroom where you would like to create the road. Measure out a road in the size you’d like, keeping in mind how big the cars are that you will be putting on the “road.” I did a straight road, but you can do it however you’d like! Once you have measured your road and penciled it in on the wall, use the painter’s tape to outline your road. After you’ve covered the floor, get out your gray paint and paint your road, painting to the edge of the painter’s tape. You may need a couple of layers of paint. Once the gray paint is dry, you can put up more painter’s tape for the stripes in the middle of the road. It can be tricky to do this because you have to make little rectangles with the tape, but feel free to paint these free hand if you’d like. Paint those white stripes a few times too until they cover the gray, and then let that dry.

Add the Cars

Next, try fitting the cars on the road and see where you would like to place them. Place the nail (with the head sticking out) in theDIYcardeco middle of the side of the road you would like the car to drive on. Then, tie some string around the front or back tires of the car, depending on the direction of the road. For instance, if you would like the car to face up you should tie the string to the front tires and tie the string around the back tires if you would like it to point downwards. Then place the string on the nail. Now you have a road full of cars driving on your child’s wall! If you want to make it complex by making turns on the road, you may need to tie the string around all 4 tires in order to attach the cars to the wall.

Do you have any easy DIY you would like to share?

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  • Kathryn

    What a good idea. My son Mick will love this one. Thank you for sharing.

  • Nancy

    Now I know what to do with my leftover paint. This is great. Thanks I enjoy your blog and we had a scavenger hunt last Easter. So much fun.

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