Cajo Games, smart fun!


Our mission is to provide smart fun for you and your family. We strive to produce quality, thought-provoking scavenger hunt kits that allow you to interact with your child in a new, exciting and creative way. Our goal is to help you and your children make memories to last a lifetime.


My role as a mother of two young boys challenges me in a positive way. I’m constantly using my mind in different ways to create balance, teach my children important life lessons, and also to have FUN while learning. I have an extensive background in marketing and project cajoGamesmanagement. Striving to create balance for myself, I wanted to blend those experiences with my role as a mother and mentor. I was seeking new ways of using my creativity to benefit others. At my son’s birthday party and at other friends’ gatherings, I made up these scavenger hunts for the kids to keep them entertained, to challenge them and test their conceptual thinking. While originally intended just for the kids, the scavenger hunts ended up being a hit with everyone! Both children and adults alike were participating and having fun while learning new ways of solving tasks, working together and getting closer together as a group. This experience inspired me to make these games available for everyone.


Supporting our community

As a mom, I want my children to learn at an early age that it’s important to help others who are less fortunate. Families just like ours are struggling to put food on the table every day in local communities. That is why a portion of the proceeds from all Cajo Games sales will go to Food Lifeline, helping others get their basic needs fulfilled. For more information, visit



My boys and I, Casper (left) and Jonas (right). When trying to think of the best name for scavenger hunts, I thought it would be fitting to combine my boys’ names (CAJO) because they inspire me every day.



We had a Cajo Games scavenger hunt at my son’s 5th ‘zombie’ birthday party a few weeks ago and the kids had a great time! What a cool company.

Trisha Scearce

Thank you so much! It was such fun and exciting experience not only for kids but for parents too! We all loved it!”.

Irina Menshutkina