3 Tips to Organizing Your Home with Kids

Families today are all about teamwork (at least they should be!). Daily life is so busy that everyone has to chip in. The key to keeping life less stressful, and making sure everyone in the family can do their part, is organization.

I admit, organization is not something I am good at. Finding a place for everything in the house and keeping all of those things in their designated spots is difficult for me. I knew it would take time and energy to get started, but once I moved a few things around and slapped a few labels on some boxes, it truly helped everyone and made it easy for my boys to chip in. Having designated spots helps your children understand where things go and teaches them organization.  Here are a few ideas to get started on your own home:

Here are 3 Tips to Organizing Your Home with Kids

Hang Jackets on Hooks

To enhance the rule that jackets and hoodies does not go on the floor or randomly thrown on chairs, we put the boys’ names on hooks in the garage and made a buckets for their shoes—one for each child. By drilling a few simple hooks into the wall and encouraging them to pile their shoes in buckets instead of on the floor, life got easier. Items were easier to find when they are rushing out the door, and I don’t have to pick them up!

Add Big and Small Bins to Your Child’s Room

I helped the boys organize their rooms the same way I did with theirCleanRoom coats and shoes.This is one of the tricks I learned from the boys’ Montessori school. I added bins to their rooms and labeled all the shelfs, drawers and bins throughout the rooms. This trick makes it easier to clean up and remember where things go. When they were younger, I only used big bins and filled them half full with generalized labels. Young toddlers should only have two big bins and one labeled shelf, and the older they get the more you can sort it out into categories (which means multiple smaller bins instead of just a few large bins).


Swap Toys Each Season

As my boys grow older, their favorite toys change – sometimes by the season!  Every spring and winter, I go into the boys’ rooms and clean and organize them. We clean everything and decide on what to swap for the season. When they were younger, I noticed their bins filled up faster after birthdays and holidays. So, I started saving some toys for later in the year and swapped them out every quarter. Swapping the toys made it feel like they were getting new toys all the time.


I make sure that we do the seasonal cleaning together,, so my boys understand the process and make decisions on how to be neat (with guidance, of course). I love seasonal cleaning because I get to spend time with my boys and talk about stuff from school and old memories from where the toys came from. Once we are done cleaning, we also make a bin to donate for children in need.


How do you keep the toys from spreading like weeds?

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