The scavenger hunts will provide clues that, together, add up to the description of a character…


When you plan a party you will need more than just a great activity. Here are some tips.

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About Cajo Games

  • Cajo Games specializes in fun, unique ready-to-go scavenger hunt kits that are perfect for birthday parties, events, family outings and playgroups.
  • Our scavenger hunts are categorized by age group, each kit includes just about all you need for seven creative tasks that incorporate math problems, comprehension, mapping skills and creative problem solving.
  • Easy set-up for both in or outdoors.
  • Once each task is complete, a clue is provided, all of which culminate with a piñata that is discovered in the end.
  • This is a challenging, innovative and educational game for your child that encourage teamwork and creates wonderful memories. You will be the superstar in the eyes of not only your child, but everyone participating in your event. We’ll do all the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy the fun.