Helpful tips and links

When you plan a party you will need more than just a great activity. For your convenience, below are some helpful tips and links for inspiration, when you plan your event. We have a couple of maps that you may find helpful, when creating your own map for your scavenger hunt. There is also a sample of a designed cake, that you can customize for your party.

Inspiration for maps

cache_736187904House Map This is an example of an indoor map. It is very easy and fast to make a map of your house. You can do it by hand or on the computer, which ever you are most comfortable with. Just remember the last station should be placed in an open space fitted for a pinata. It is fun to do a combination of indoor and outdoor. (Cross your fingers for nice weather!)

cache_684086604Neighborhood Map Here is an example of how you can use Google Maps. Search on the address you desire to host your scavenger hunt at. Print it in how many copies you need (one for each team) and mark the stations on the copies.

cache_933241720 Park Map This is an example of how you can draw your own map of a park. You can make it more or less detailed, children have a vivid imagination so you do not have to be too accurate.

Cake design Cake Design This is a sample of a design scavenger hunt cake from us to you. All you need to do is press the bottom below and download the image. Print it or save the file as a JPG on a USB. Take it to a cake shop that does image cakes and tell them what name you want to write on it. This cake was from QFC.

Customize your own cake

Download image

If you’re looking for additional supplies and more ways to make your party eco-friendly, check out Eco Party Time. They have everything from plates, utensils, decorations and more!